How CBD Help Treat Common Dog Conditions

You might have heard of how CBD helps your dogs like the Basenji. However, you might not be entirely convinced of how it can benefit your pooch.
CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical that can be found in the cannabis plant.  The CBD oil that is found in pet supplements mostly come from hemp, a variety of cannabis. Note that hemp and marijuana are different.  The level of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol in hemp is extremely h

Tips for Designing Dog Trainers' Websites

As a dog trainer, you would like your website to cater to your fellow trainers, people who avail of your services, and people who are enthusiastic dog-lovers. too. To do this, you can engage the services of web design teams or professionals in your area. All you have to do is search the web and search using the following search string, for example – “web design Malaysia”.  In this way, you can engage the services of a team that knows very wel

Big Giveaway

Do you own a Basenji or like to own one? Well, it will not be a surprise since Basenjis are very intelligent and skilful breed of dogs. These characteristics made the Basenjis as one of the most competitive dog breeds. In fact, you can often see them in dog competitions.
Prize Indemnity Insurance is currently offering a big giveaway for all interested Basenji owners. Anyone interested can apply. You only have to send two pictures, (1) you and y

A Quick Guide to Raising a Basenji

The Basenji is a nice dog to have. Its loyal and loving nature makes it a perfect pet for all sorts of ages – from kids to adults. One unique characteristic that sets it apart from most common “house dogs” is its “barkless” nature. Although it does not bark, it produces a unique sound that is similar to chuckling with a little combination of a yodel.
You will clearly distinguish the d

Is Pet Insurance Really for You?

There are a lot blogs and reviews about having your pet insured. The information you will get may sometimes become confusing because both the sides saying that “pet insurance is just a waste of money” and “pet insurance is really worth it” have very strong points to back up their claims.
Some will say that acquiring pet insurance will only cost you more than what you are spending when you are not under pet insurance. This clai

Understanding the Basenji’s “Cool” but Focused Nature

You have probably read a lot in the internet saying how graceful and “barkless” the Basenjis are. That is just true about their temper but there is more about the Basenjis than that.
The Basenji is very agile and fast that is why it became one of the favourite breeds to be used for hunting during the old times. At first, the Basenji may be dubbed as very “cool” because of its quite and calm nature but l