How to Help My Dog Overcome the Fear of Ceiling Fans?

No one lives without fears. Some people have multiple signs of fear and are aggressive towards it while others are just passive but tormenting inside. When you experience fear, your body reacts and tends to find ways to overcome it. Although overcoming fears may take time, at least something has been done to completely avoid it. With the help of Spin Pte Ltd, let’s find out the possible reason for dog fears and how can you help the dog overcome?
Fear goes the same to animals, especial

How to Make a Simple Dog Costume?

We all consider our favorite canines to be a man’s best friend. How charming are they while rolling on the floor and jumping up frantically just to catch their favorite toy or the snacks that they love to swallow. Having someone who always listens, who is always longing to see you and missing you every moment you are away is indeed a self-esteem booster.
According to ReviewingThis, walking along with your pet dog to achieve a healthy well-being is such a worthwhile activ

Year of the Dog watch

While accessorizing, it is not just about picking any accessory in the market; it is about being exquisite and trendy. Talking of class, you can never go wrong with luxury watches. What’s more, a luxury watch for men can be customized to follow the trending concepts. Year of the dog, for instance, provides an excellent opportunity for the luxury watchmakers to bring man’s best friend even closer. Here is a look at some of the


It’s a good thing that in this generation, most people lead their lifestyle while thinking about its impact to both the health and welfare of the environment. Even simple things like disposing of their dog’s waste, some people are already into doing everything the green way. The most common dog waste disposal is done by putting it inside a bag. You can try them out instead of asking for dumpster rental Auburn NY that may cost you a lot.

Essential Skills for Your Dogs

It is important for a canine to understand some basic commands. These commands will be useful in resolving behavioral problems that might arise in the future. In order to commence dog obedience training, it is not necessary for the owner to take a course as the process is simple and fun. Essential dog commands include sit, leave it, stay, down and come. You can set out a plan for your dog’s training and even make it more fun by wearing custom hoodies printed with your dog’s picture and

How CBD Help Treat Common Dog Conditions

You might have heard of how CBD helps your dogs like the Basenji. However, you might not be entirely convinced of how it can benefit your pooch.
CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical that can be found in the cannabis plant.  The CBD oil that is found in pet supplements mostly come from hemp, a variety of cannabis. Note that hemp and marijuana are different.  The level of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol in hemp is extremely high compared to marijuana. THC is the principal ch

Tips for Designing Dog Trainers' Websites

As a dog trainer, you would like your website to cater to your fellow trainers, people who avail of your services, and people who are enthusiastic dog-lovers. too. To do this, you can engage the services of web design teams or professionals in your area. All you have to do is search the web and search using the following search string, for example – “web design Malaysia”.  In this way, you can engage the services of a team that knows very well the current situation in your locality.

Big Giveaway

Do you own a Basenji or like to own one? Well, it will not be a surprise since Basenjis are very intelligent and skilful breed of dogs. These characteristics made the Basenjis as one of the most competitive dog breeds. In fact, you can often see them in dog competitions.
Prize Indemnity Insurance is currently offering a big giveaway for all interested Basenji owners. Anyone interested can apply. You only have to send two pictures, (1) you and your Basenji and (2) your Basenji in action, and a

A Quick Guide to Raising a Basenji

The Basenji is a nice dog to have. Its loyal and loving nature makes it a perfect pet for all sorts of ages – from kids to adults. One unique characteristic that sets it apart from most common “house dogs” is its “barkless” nature. Although it does not bark, it produces a unique sound that is similar to chuckling with a little combination of a yodel.
You will clearly distinguish the dog from its wrinkled forehead, proud stance, and a

Is Pet Insurance Really for You?

There are a lot blogs and reviews about having your pet insured. The information you will get may sometimes become confusing because both the sides saying that “pet insurance is just a waste of money” and “pet insurance is really worth it” have very strong points to back up their claims.
Some will say that acquiring pet insurance will only cost you more than what you are spending when you are not under pet insurance. This claim has a strong basis based on numbers because you