Understanding the Basenji’s “Cool” but Focused Nature

You have probably read a lot in the internet saying how graceful and “barkless” the Basenjis are. That is just true about their temper but there is more about the Basenjis than that.

The Basenji is very agile and fast that is why it became one of the favourite breeds to be used for hunting during the old times. At first, the Basenji may be dubbed as very “cool” because of its quite and calm nature but little do most people know that they are well-focused creatures. These dogs have a high level of intelligence and will focus on a subject until they have accomplished it.

For aspiring owners of the Basenji, it is important to know that these dogs need to have sufficient physical and mental activities for them to develop completely. Without enough exercise, both mentally and physically, the Basenji may get bored and chew up objects around it.

Its intelligence must be carefully directed by the owner for it not to get wasted. The dog is a busy and curious creature that is why leaving them to stray around is not a good idea. If you acquired one as a puppy, you can try to teach them the simple “sit, stay, and come” commands and there is a very high chance that they will learn it quickly.

They may not be the type who barks around but they are very alert when it comes to strangers. Their loyalty remains intact with their masters and if someone new to them comes, they may not treat them with the same kindness as what they give their masters.

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