A Quick Guide to Raising a Basenji

The Basenji is a nice dog to have. Its loyal and loving nature makes it a perfect pet for all sorts of ages – from kids to adults. One unique characteristic that sets it apart from most common “house dogs” is its “barkless” nature. Although it does not bark, it produces a unique sound that is similar to chuckling with a little combination of a yodel.

You will clearly distinguish the dog from its wrinkled forehead, proud stance, and a tightly curled tail. It runs fast and moves quickly that is why it was used as a hunting dog in the past.

Habit Patterns and Behaviours

It runs fast and is very agile. The quick movements are accompanied by graceful strides that made it very popular to a lot of people. Temper and anger burst are not an issue with the Basenjis that is why is also applicable to young dog lovers.

The Basenjis are highly intelligent so it would not be hard to train them. Proper training and commands must be enforced while they are still young to get the most out of this type of dog. Teaching them how to sit, stop, and come are the most basic command that must be taught.

They are known to be loyal and loving to their owners but can be very aloof when faced with a stranger.

Health Concerns

Just like any dog, the Basenjis are prone to the common dog complications such as Parvovirus. But breed-specific issues for this kind must be carefully checked. Health issues like Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), kidney disease, hypothyroidism, and haemolytic anaemia are the most common so always have your dog checked by a vet.

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