Essential Skills for Your Dogs

It is important for a canine to understand some basic commands. These commands will be useful in resolving behavioral problems that might arise in the future. In order to commence dog obedience training, it is not necessary for the owner to take a course as the process is simple and fun. Essential dog commands include sit, leave it, stay, down and come. You can set out a plan for your dog’s training and even make it more fun by wearing custom hoodies printed with your dog’s picture and a caption that says ‘’I am starting my training’’.

Here are some of the essential skills that your dog should learn.


The sit command is easy to teach. Teaching the command involves first enticing the dog with a treat that is held close to its nose. After this, the trainer raises the hand holding the treat thus prompting the head of the dog to approach the treat while lowering the rear part of the body. Once the dog assumes a sitting posture, the trainer says “sit”, and finally rewards the dog with affection and the treat.

This procedure should be performed daily on a few occasions until the dog masters the command. Subsequently, the owner should command the pet to sit before walks, mealtime, and in other situations where it is preferable for the dog to be in a calm state.


This command helps the owner to protect the dog from potentially unpleasant situations by ordering the pet to return. To train the pet, first, fasten the leash onto the dog via a collar. The next step is to lower oneself to a position that is at the same level as that of the pet and to utter “come” while gently tugging at the leash.

Once the dog moves to the trainer, he is to be rewarded with a treat and a show of affection. Once the trainer is confident that the dog has understood the instruction while wearing a leash, the procedure should be repeated while in a safely enclosed area and without the leash.


The trainer should ensure that first ensure that the dog training environment is relaxed. It involves moving one’s hand, that holds a treat, parallel to the ground to encourage the dog to assume a lowered posture. This is followed by saying the command “down” and recompensing the pet with the treat. The process is repeated until the dog understands the command.


The dog should be able to respond to the sit command before training in the stay command begins. First, the trainer orders the dog to sit. Then the trainer takes a few steps away and utters “stay” with one palm of the hand open and in the direction of the dog. The dog is then rewarded with the treat if it stays calm. This command takes time to be understood and it promotes self-control.

Leave it

The goal of this command is to promise the dog with a better reward if the pet ignores an enticing object. Consequently, the training method employs two treats. The trainer entices the dog with one treat before denying him access to the treat while saying “leave it “and instead offering another treat. The process is repeated until the dog is familiar with the command.

Training your canine friend on these basic skills will make life easier for both you and your dog.  It provides him with both mental and physical stimulation, thereby making him happier, socially adjusted, and more disciplined.  You may not see the results instantly.  But with perseverance, patience, and consistency, you will have a well-trained dog in no time at all. And when that time comes, why not have matching custom t-shirts made with the words ‘’We did it!’’ to celebrate the end of your dog’s basic training.

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