The Green Way of Disposing of Your Dog’s Wastes

It’s a good thing that in this generation, most people lead their lifestyle while thinking about its impact to both the health and welfare of the environment. Even simple things like disposing of their dog’s waste, some people are already into doing everything the green way. The most common dog waste disposal is done by putting it inside a bag. You can try them out instead of asking for dumpster rental Auburn NY that may cost you a lot.

There are many kinds of dog waste bags—there are biodegradable bags, compostable bags (some are made of recycled materials), and standard plastic bags.

Ways of Disposing to Save the Earth

There are a lot of green ways you can go to dispose of your dog’s waste properly. If you are concerned about your way of disposal until now and you want to somehow save the earth, there are actually a lot of green ways to properly dispose of your dog’s waste.

The following are the ways to get rid of dog poop in a green way:

  1. Replacing standard plastic bags with biodegradable poop bags.

Most pet-owners tend to reuse plastics like their shopping bags to dispose of their pet’s waste. However, even if you are recycling, using plastic is detrimental to the environment. Replacing the use of plastics with biodegradable poop bags will be the solution. You may find them somewhat expensive, but this is still cheaper compared to the cost you are about to pay once the environment can no longer take the damage.

  1. Waste Composting

Since then, composting is one of the ways to reduce waste, especially if it is biodegradable. Fortunately, you can also compost your dog’s waste if you don’t want to buy biodegradable poop bags. You may have read before that dog waste can’t be composted because of the pathogens that come along with it which can be transported to the plant. That may be true for food gardens, but for ornamental gardens, a dog’s waste makes a great fertilizer.

  1. Pick the waste up and flush it down the toilet

Some dog owners think that it is better to scoop the waste up and then flush it all the way down using the toilet. It is done with human’s waste after all, and this alternative is better than using plastics.

However, this can’t be a good solution to a dog owner. Everything that goes down the sewer is undergoing water treatment that is designed to treat the contaminants of a human waste but not that of a dog’s waste.

Fortunately, there are other municipalities that already change their water treatment methods to accommodate a dog’s poop. If you want to try out this method, you have to take time to research about the water treatment of your area first.

  1. Burying dog poop

Burying your dog’s waste is actually acceptable, according to environmental experts. You just have to be careful about doing it to avoid contamination. This waste must be buried in a hole which is about 6 to 12 inches deep, and you must be certain that its contaminants will not reach the water table.

This option is only available if you are not living in a highly populated area.

Practicing Green Methods of Dog’s Waste Disposal is the Start

The methods suggested above are actually very easy to do, so there’s most likely no reason for you to not try them. There are also a lot of products available in the market that takes care of your dog’s waste while promoting environmental welfare, so you feel free to check them out too. Be part of the solution today—you small tips will eventually go a long way.

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