Top Luxury Watches to Wear for the Year of the Dog

While accessorizing, it is not just about picking any accessory in the market; it is about being exquisite and trendy. Talking of class, you can never go wrong with luxury watches. What’s more, a luxury watch for men can be customized to follow the trending concepts. Year of the dog, for instance, provides an excellent opportunity for the luxury watchmakers to bring man’s best friend even closer. Here is a look at some of the top luxury watches to wear for the Year of the Dog.

Chopard L.U.C XP Urushi

The 39.5-millimeter diameter case showcases an Urushi dial crafted with Japanese lacquer. With only 88 pieces out there, classy will be your definition as you wear the timepiece. The Year of the Dog timepiece design captured one of China’s most popular and adored dog breeds known as Akita.

Panerai’s Year of the Dog timepiece

The watch runs on a P.9000 caliber and has a 44mm-diameter, giving it a stylish look every watch nerd desires. It is designed following the sparsello procedure that sets in gold threads on the imprinted steel lid with the image of a dog surrounded by exceptional flowers taking the center point. There are only 88 pieces in the market.

Blancpain’s Traditional Chinese calendar watch

The elegant watch not only celebrates the Chinese zodiac concepts but also brings the Chinese calendar on the mix. The clock displays the zodiac sign under the 12 o’clock aperture vividly celebrating the Year of the Dog. Furthermore, the watch incorporates an engraving of a dog on the white gold oscillating weight. There are only 50 pieces available, preserving its trendy and exquisite taste in the market.
Breguet Classique 7145 Chow-Chow
The Breguet’s timepiece is quite simplistic yet stylish featuring the adorable chow-chow dog breed. Here is the catch; there are only eight pieces available!

Piaget Altiplano Chinese Zodiac

The timepiece is another simple design of luxury watch whose zodiac sign celebration features a hunting dog image. The 78 diamonds set in sparkling bezel build the frame of the image, making the timepiece a beauty you cannot resist. Just like other luxury watches, the limited edition has only 38 pieces in the market.

Vacheron Constantin

Métiers d’Art, the Legend of the Chinese Zodiac series, boasts of the addition celebrating the Year of the Dog. The watch offers a beautifully fashioned pink-gold Chinese dog breed in the center of the dial. There are 12 pieces available, meaning that getting it is quite an achievement.
The Year of the Dog zodiac sign has inspired different brands to develop luxury watches. Luxury watches provide more than the aesthetic value; they hold a certain level of reorganization associated with different societal occurrences. For instance, the Year of the Dog luxury watches celebrate Chinese culture by following their zodiac signs, in this case, being the dog. Such association shows how vital the society is and how it impacts our lives. Get yourself one of the luxury watches and enjoy the elegant taste as you accessorize yourself every day.

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