How to Make a Simple Dog Costume?

We all consider our favorite canines to be a man’s best friend. How charming are they while rolling on the floor and jumping up frantically just to catch their favorite toy or the snacks that they love to swallow. Having someone who always listens, who is always longing to see you and missing you every moment you are away is indeed a self-esteem booster.

According to ReviewingThis, walking along with your pet dog to achieve a healthy well-being is such a worthwhile activity to add up in your list of daily chores. Moreover, it would be such an exciting and fabulous experience if you could ramp around the town wearing a matching dress style with your beloved best friend. How would you like to become your best friend’s personal stylist?

If that is your wish, here are the steps on how to create a lovely outfit for your pet dog which will match your own dress style.

Choose Your Own Attire for the Day

Of course, you should first determine what would you want to wear for the day’s activity: the color, the fabric that was used on your outfit, and the design.

Know Your Pet Dog’s Limitations

You should also know what your pet dog can tolerate wearing or if they can comfortably wear the costume that you are going to make for them.

Choose the Materials for Your Dog’s Costume

Choose the materials for the costume of your dog. It should match the materials of the outfit that you are going to wear for the upcoming activity that you would like to attend. However, you also need to consider if the fabric would be comfortable for your dog to wear.

Make a Pattern of Your Dog’s Costume

Using some pieces of manila paper or scrap fabric, create a pattern which will serve as your guide in cutting the three basic pieces of your pet dog’s costume:

The Coat

The coat will be the piece that will cover your dog’s back and torso.

The Cumberbund

The cumberbund is the piece which will be attached to the sides of the coat around the belly.

The Shirtfront

The neck piece or the shirtfront is the piece which will be attached to the sides of the coat and will cover your dog’s chest. This can also be attached down to the cumberbund as well.

You may then use a tape measure to determine the exact measurements and dimensions of these three basic pieces.

Cut and Sew

Cut your chosen fabric for your dog’s costume based on the patterns that you have made. Then, sew the sides of the pieces and then attach closure materials like buttons, snaps, or velcro so that you can attach the three pieces all together.

Design the Costume

Bedazzle and embellish the garment based on the design of your own dress style. You may attach some colorful sequins, flower designs, or laces as you may wish. The only limitation is your imagination; just always consider if your puppy would be comfortable to wear the dress style that you have made.

You may now enjoy that rare experience of ramping around that special occasion or roaming around the street to have a walk or jog with your beloved dog best friend while wearing matching dress styles together.

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