How to Help My Dog Overcome the Fear of Ceiling Fans?

No one lives without fears. Some people have multiple signs of fear and are aggressive towards it while others are just passive but tormenting inside. When you experience fear, your body reacts and tends to find ways to overcome it. Although overcoming fears may take time, at least something has been done to completely avoid it. With the help of Spin Pte Ltd, let’s find out the possible reason for dog fears and how can you help the dog overcome?

Fear goes the same to animals, especially dogs. You might wonder why dogs cry out loud during Christmas and New Year after you lit the firecrackers. Some dogs develop fears after having a trauma and some even become afraid of the silliest things such as ceiling fans! It may sound funny, but some dogs are really afraid of ceiling fans, especially moving ones.

Intervention to help the dog overcome fears

Anxious dogs can ultimately develop fears from literally anything including ceiling fans. The fears are associated with sound, movement, and mostly a negative experience from the item.

In order to help your dog overcome his fear, reducing his anxiety level should be addressed first which may need some veterinary guidance. Next, make sure to observe how your dog reacts on the ceiling fan. Some dogs fear moving ceiling fans at high speed, slow speed, or every time the ceiling fan is switched on.

Once you’ve successfully managed to observe your dog, make sure to redirect it by giving him a stuffed toy or other things he might like such as treats.

Desensitization and Counter Conditioning

Once you’ve managed your dog’s behavior, try to desensitize him. Desensitization is the process of reducing the sensitivity that comes from a stimulus, making it less reactive to any trigger.

With this, you can start by changing his behavior. When the positive approach is paired with scary things, everything will work well. Try to toss food whenever your dog starts to stare at the ceiling fan. Continue the process until your dog will overcome the fear of buzzing.

On the other hand, counter conditioning is somewhat like classical conditioning. The aim of the process is to associate the ceiling fan with either eating time or fun time. So, high value treats for dogs should be emphasized in order to make the procedure successful.

If all else fail, respect your dog and stop the session immediately. Your dog might develop other fears that will surely be difficult to address. When you’re working with a veterinary behaviorist, make sure to inform him or her if there’s any progress with the session or not. Most of them can offer another option that you can try to help. If it still won’t work, the best thing to do is to find professional reinforcement dog trainers. Make sure to partner with them so your dog can see that you’re working on something for the best.

Diminishing your dog’s fears may take some time, however, don’t lose hope as there are a lot of effective ways on how to overcome this. Just make sure to have patience. In time, you’ll see changes.

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