Big Giveaway

Do you own a Basenji or like to own one? Well, it will not be a surprise since Basenjis are very intelligent and skilful breed of dogs. These characteristics made the Basenjis as one of the most competitive dog breeds. In fact, you can often see them in dog competitions.

Prize Indemnity Insurance is currently offering a big giveaway for all interested Basenji owners. Anyone interested can apply. You only have to send two pictures, (1) you and your Basenji and (2) your Basenji in action, and a short text describing your dog. Send your entries to our contact form. The winner will get a training gear including teeter-totters, elevated walks, clothing, bait bags, bells and whistles, training vests, clicker training, and more. It will also include a grooming kit and treats. This one-of-a-kind prize will only be given to one lucky winner.

One person is only allowed to send one entry. Otherwise, they will be disqualified. The winner will be announced at the end of September. If the winner fails to get their prize within 7 days, it’ll be given to the runner-up.

If you have more questions about the giveaway contest, you can send Prize Indemnity Insurance a message.